So why DO you need search engine optimisation?

Consider these statistics:

• 85% of web traffic is driven by the search engines
• 55% of searchers don’t go beyond the first page of search results
• 85% don’t go beyond page 3
• 52% don’t go back from the first site they find

You don't have to be a genius to work out that gaining a good position in search engine results is going to be important if your web site is going to succeed in bringing you new leads and business.

Furthermore, there is one major difference between the internet and virtually every other form of promotional medium, and this difference is that the internet is primarily a reactive rather than proactive medium.

If you consider all the other ways you might be promoting your business: press advertising, direct mail, leafleting, TV, radio, telemarketing, posters, you will find all have a “push” mechanism – you trip over junk mail in the hall, you see posters in shopping centres, trains, buses; turn on the TV or radio and the ads are there, being pushed at you.

In contrast, the web is reactive, involving a "pull" mechanism – people don't just wander past your website, or turn on their computer and find your site there – they will generally only find your website if they come looking for it.

The internet has become the most important single source for companies and individuals alike to find new suppliers of goods and services, and to also to research the background of potential suppliers they find through other media. And as you can see from the statistics above, the search engines (and Google in particular) have come to dominate this process.

This is why a strong search engine presence is a prerequisite for your online marketing strategy to succeed, and search engine optimisation (SEO) a key part of achieving that presence.

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