Web design portfolio

Below is a small selection of the web sites we have designed and built recently.

Teamwork Training

teamwork trainingTeamwork Training is a dog trainer training business, providing support and training for dog training professionals.

Teamwork Training offers simple, no-strings attached help; the opportunity to explore options to help clients, and support trainers achieve their professional ambitions and goals. 

  • A confidential listening ear - talking through issues and problems
  • Practical, professional and knowledgeable advice
  • Exclusive access to a friendly and supportive FaceBook group with invited 'Guest Experts' 
  • Support for members pursuing professional memberships

The site is in Joomla 4, and was migrated up from Joomla1.5 via Joomla 3


The Sustainable Party

The Sustainable PartyThe Sustainable Party is a new political party launching in 2023.

The website is intended to be the major informational resource and membership recruiting platform for the party.

The site is built in Joomla (Joomla 4), and as well as the public information pages it features a private members area, managed using Community Builder, the Membership Pro component, and private members forum.




Fotoflite 2022 websiteFotoflite is the world's largest library of aerial ship photos, with over half a million images dating back to the 1940s.

The site was originally built back in 2008, and was based on the combination of Joomla 1.0 and Virtuemart 1.0. At the time of its original launch it was the world's largest Joomla / Virtuemart e-commerce website, and probably remains so today.

After 13 years of sterling service, not only had both the Joomla and Virtuemart versions gone well past 'end of life', but so had the PHP and database versions required to run it. So an upgrade was well overdue, no small undertaking with over 500K product data records to convert, and an equivalent number of images to be ported over.

After consideration of the alternatives, the latest versions of Joomla and Virtuemart were again selected. Work on the design, and development and testing of the migration processes was started in 2021. Product data was extracted from the old MySQL database using custom export queries created in LibreOffice Base connecting to MySQL to create fresh import files with the new data structure. These were then imported into the new site using the Joomla CSVI import component. Importing in 'bite size' chunks made data checking and any issues with imports easier to identify and correct.

Due to the size of the database, and the database search load, the site is hosted on a UK based dedicated server.



bambinoandbutlerBambino and Butler

Bambino and Butler are a boutique recruitment agency specialising in childcare and household staff. They offer a highly personalised recruitment service for clients in the UK and Internationally.

We have been working with Bambino and Butler for the last few years, carrying out SEO and managing their PPC marketing programmes.

The website is built in Wordpress with a fully customised theme. It incorporates the WP Bakery page builder, and Jobs plugin.

Unusually, the new theme is a modern bespoke 'dark mode' design, created by our partners Juicy Marketing.


The Ancient Art of Advocacy

The Ancient Art of AdvocacyThe Ancient Art of Advocacy was created to provide an informational resource for advocates, new, old or aspiring.

It is particularly aimed at aspiring barristers, particularly those transferring from other disciplines and branches of the legal profession, who have difficulty accessing a consolidated source of advocacy learning resources.

It contains a wealth of resources on rhetoric and advocacy skills, together with examples of rhetorical techniques and cases. It has a forum and a range of social networking tools to aid learning collaboration learning for registered subscribers.

Chameleon ManagementChameleon Management

Chameleon Management is a strategic change management consultancy based in Zurich.

This was a conversion of their existing html site to the Joomla CMS. The first iteration was in J2.5. The 2019 version was an upgrade to J3, with conversion of the template layout to be fully responsive for mobile.

Also added was the multi-lingual support for French and Swiss German as well as the original English.

The current site was upgraded again in 2023, with a migration from Joomla 3 to Joomla 4.


RN Electronics

RN ElectronicsRN Electronics are one of our longstanding customers. The current site is 5th generation, the original being built on the Mambo CMS, subsequently updated to Joomla 1.0, followed by further updates through Joomla 1.5 and now to the latest Joomla 3.9 version.

Each successive upgrade has had its own design refresh, and the latest version is no exception, featuring a new fully responsive layout for viewing on all devices.

Particularly important through all the various upgrades and redesigns has been to retain the site structure and content to keep the search engine rankings built up during an extensive programme of SEO carried out over more than 10 years.

Also added as part of this site version is the addition of a second, Spanish, version of the site for the company's Spanish subsidiary company.


Green Energy Sustainable Solutions (GESS)

Green Energy Sustainable SolutionsGreen Energy Sustainable Solutions ( GESS) finances, develops and operates commercial roof-mounted, car park frame-mounted and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems in partnership with long term renewable energy sector investors. GESS sells the electricity generated by these systems to commercial energy users at significant discounts to the prices offered by the large electricity suppliers.

This is a new corporate site, with a clean design, fully responsive, based on the Joomla CMS. The same basic design was also applied as an upgrade to sister business website, Free Green Electricity Corporation.


The British Contender Association - v2016!

bca 2016The BCA is the UK class association of the International Contender Class, an international sailing dinghy class. This is the fifth generation site that we have created for the class. The first was a simple HTML site, back in 1999, the second a Mambo site based on a standard template. This was subsequently upgraded to Joomla 1.0 with an updated template design. Come 2010, and another migration up to Joomla 1.5, with yet another new design.

The 2016 version features a new, fully responsive, clean mobile friendly layout, with upgrades of all the main components: AdsClassified advert component, EventsList event manager, Image Gallery and and Banner Advert Manager.

All old content has been retained through successive upward migrations from Mambo right through to the current Joomla version (3.6 at the point of going live).


Local Home Conveyancing

Local Home ConveyancingAnother site for AZAB... AZAB are a price comparison and lead generation company, specialising in delivering leads to professionals in the home moving industry: surveyors, conveyancers and more.

Local Home Conveyancing is a new addition to their portfolio, and is based on the their successful surveyor quoting engine. The project included modifications to the price comparison engine to suit the conveyancing market, including an updated search algorithm together with changes to the customer control panel.

The front end is all Joomla and retains many of the corporate styling elements of its sister sites localbuildingsurveyors.co.uk and themovingcentre.co.uk.


Bournemouth Avionics

Bournemouth AvionicsBournemouth Avionics are specialists in avionics, engineering and aircraft maintenance, providing a range of independent avionics, engineering, maintenance and support services, for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft from their base at Lee On Solent airfield in Hampshire.

The site is built using Joomla with the Virtuemart e-commerce store, featuring graphic design from our Juicy Marketing partners. As with all our latest sites, the design is fully responsive for display on all devices.


The Moving Centre

The Moving CentreThe Moving Centre is a price comparison website in the home moving arena, designed and built for AZAB Ltd. The website has a front end built in the latest version of Joomla, and features various price comparison engines for home move services. These include the custom built core AZAB lead generation software also developed by us for their other sites, Local Building Surveyors and Local business Advisors.

The design shares the same updated corporate theme used for the Local Building Surveyors website.


Elite Live-In Care

Elite Live In CareThis site was designed and developed for one of our upstairs neighbours, Elite Live-In Care, a provider of live-in carers for the elderly and disabled.

The site features a custom design by our design partners Juicy, and is built in Wordpress with a custom theme.

Of note are the neat "sticky" top navigation bars with dropdown forms for contact, brochure, and callback requests that merge and remain in view when scrolling down the page.

The design is responsive and fully mobile friendly.


Moores Prime

Screenshot 2022 02 02 20.07.49Moores Independent are a firm of RICS Chartered Surveyors and property advisors.

Moores is a local, family run practice specialising in prime real estate across London and Surrey from offices in Weybridge. This is a 'second generation' of the second site  we have built for Moores - in that the first site was for their Salisbury office which is more focused on the home survey market in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset, and this site is a redesign of the original site.

Like previous sites for Moores it is built using the Joomla CMS


Onefacility ServicesOnefacility Refrigeration

This is a website for Onefacility's refrigeration and air conditioning servicing division.

Onefacility is a total facilities management company based in Stevenage, Herts, which is focused on personalised service by offering convenience with strong communicated and administered delivery.

Originally designed and built in 2012 and based on Joomla 2.5, 2020 saw the Joomla CMS upgraded to the latest version, and the templates updated to make them fully mobile friendly and responsive. The colour theme and fonts were also modified to bring it into line with the main Onefacility corporate branding.


Local Building Surveyors

Local Building SurveyorsLocal Building Surveyors provides a surveyor search and price comparison service. Aimed at property buyers, it's one of those sites that does pretty much "what is says on the tin" - LBS allows home buyers to find a chartered surveyor in their own area, and get instant quotes for RICS HomeBuyer, Building, and Valuation surveys.

Unlike some other property service comparison sites, it's restricted to RICS members or RICS regulated firms only to ensure the service quality delivered by users of the site.

This site, along with its sister sites is a hybrid. The front end of the site is built on Joomla, and behind the scenes is a fully bespoke advanced management system that allows surveyors to maintain their account information and profiles, choose the services they wish to offer through their various offices, and select the postcodes where they want to offer them, together with a range of reporting functions.

The system also incorporates webmaster admin reporting tools: company, invoicing, lead and performance reporting are all included.

The site has been through a number of design and technical iterations since launching in 2011. The most recent update was in 2020, where the primary search functionality was updated to improve mobile usability.


Free Green ElectricityFree Green Electricity

Free Green Electricity Corporation is a new company taking advantage of the latest government strategies in the development of electricity micro-generation installation.

The company provides for free installation and maintenance of PV (photovoltaic) solar panels for residential and commercial properties. The property owner gets the benefit of free solar energy for 25 years with no upfront or maintenance costs to worry about, with any surplus fed back into the National Grid.

The site is a custom design and is based on the Joomla CMS.



Svaja are renowned as designers and creators of innovative and highly desirable hand crafted glassware and linen products. This new corporate website is intended to showcase the company's products to both public and the trade.

Svaja designs are distributed through a wide range of outlets: from independent art outlets to high street chains such as John Lewis. Many of their designs are also specified by interior designers for offices, hotels, and restaurant chains such as Prezzo. This meant that good imagery was a pre-requisite for the design to ensure that prospective purchasers to view and select the range not only by collection, but by colour. The site has a number of "non-standard" add-on features such as an active zoom facility to make it easier to view products.

As with nearly all our e-Commerce enabled sites, the site is based on Joomla, using the VirtueMart component. Even although the public cannot buy through the site, visitors can browse and view the range, including large format images. Trade customers when logged in have access to additional resources and can check availability and place orders online.


The British Contender Association

British Contender AssociationThe BCA is the UK class association of the International Contender Class, an international sailing dinghy class. This is a fourth generation site that we have created for the class. The first was a simple HTML site, the second a Mambo site based on a standard template. This was subsequently upgraded to Joomla 1.0 with an updated template design.

This latest site is a migration up to Joomla 1.5, with yet another new template design.

The site also features the AdsClassified advert component, EventsList event manager, Image Gallery and and Banner Advert Manager.


Moores Independent Ltd

RW SurveyorsMoores Independent Ltd is an RICS Regulated firm of independent Chartered Surveyors based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Covering Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, Moores provides a full range of property services, including home buyer surveys, valuations, property condition surveys, assistance with lease renewals, and property investment advice.

The website is based on the Joomla CMS with a custom template design. Additional services provided include email marketing and search engine optimisation.


Bluerun Ltd

bluerun 2023Bluerun Ltd has been manufacturing top quality, purpose made joinery for the domestic and commercial markets since 1972 at their 7,000 square foot factory near Saffron Walden. Their client list includes many household names from the commercial and residential property industries, as well as the public sector. They can manufacture in hard or softwoods, and veneered & painted panels and have a modern spray paint and lacquer facility, enabling products to leave the factory in a fully finished state.

The website is intended to create a higher profile online, and to provide the opportunity to showcase their skills, products and projects.

Bluerun are one of our longest-standing clients. Their first website was built in Joomla 1.0 with a custom template, and has been continuously upwardly migrated through the various versions with upgraded templates at each step: Joomla 1.0 > Joomla 1.5 > Joomla 3 > and now in 2023, Joomla 4, with a completely new design that pays homage to the original 2008 design, and reflects the latest company branding.


European Law Monitor

European Law MonitorEuropean Law Monitor is a not-for-profit online service providing information on EU legislation, policies and procedures. In addition to generalised free information services, European Law Monitor undertakes fee based legal research and consultancy.

European Law Monitor is also the Europe Direct Relay for Hampshire, and in this role runs local conferences and seminars which require the creation of additional micro-sites and event sites.

We were involved with European Law Monitor from its inception - we helped develop the initial business and funding plans, prepared the original site specification, and project managed the build of the first site. This was built by JK Internet in Newbury and based on the Windows .NET platform. The service was originally envisaged as a commercial subscription and research funding model, but new opportunities for grant and government funding provided by the new Community Interest class of company (CIC) changed that.

European Law Monitor converted to a CIC in 2005 and has since been part funded as a Europe Direct by the European Commission. The information services subsequently became free access, and a new site with a different specification was required. The new site was built by us using the Mambo CMS, later upgraded to Joomla. The site includes several major add-ons, such as a forum, events calendar, RSS feeds, and advertising management components.

The site was nominated for a New Statesman New Media Award in 2006, and now has over 2,500 pages and delivers over 50,000 page views per month.

We continue to provide a full range of support services for the site: technical support, SEO, paid search management, and content management.



Fotoflite FotoFlite is the world's largest library of marine aerial photos in the world.

The FotoFlite aircraft are out on every suitable flying day photographing shipping in the English Channel and North Sea, and, when appropriate, further afield to the Baltic and Mediterranean, and the FotoFlite image library now consists of over 1/2 million images extending back into the late 1940s.

The brief for this site was to create a new e-commerce site for the library, and involved merging some 330,000 database records into the site database, and preparing and watermarking the 120,000 images then digitised. The ultimate aim is to have all 500,000 images digitised and loaded into the database for online purchase.

The site is based on the Joomla CMS, and the image library and e-commerce facility using the VirtueMart eCommerce component. With over 350,000 records, this is probably the largest VirtueMart implementation in the world, and the site delivers over 50,000 page views per month, which we think proves the durability and scaleability of the the Joomla / VirtueMart combination, to say nothing of the MySQL database that sits behind it!



Kornafix - Self Adhesive Stick On Corners and PocketsAs you might expect from the name, Kornafix supply self adhesive corners and pockets for use in the print finishing industry and throughout the stationery market.

The requirement was for a simple e-commerce site with a low cost payment gateway. The is built in Joomla with the VirtueMart eCommerce component, and uses the NoChex payment system.

Ongoing promotional activities include SEO and Pay per Click advertising.


Wavelength Designs

Wavelength DesignsWavelength Designs is a specialist dinghy sailmaker and spar manufacturer. This site is a simple online catalogue site without e-commerce functionality (although this could be easily added retrospectively if required).

Originally built in Mambo, the site was migrated to Joomla as part of the service contract, and the catalogue functionality retrospectively added using the VirtueMart component.

Wavelength caters for a specialist niche dinghy sailing market, and is well known in the field, consequently the site does not need extensive SEO, but it is important to be visible for the company name and its core services. After the initial optimisation, this was achieved.