The internet isn't the place to blend in
DVisions will help you stand out from the herd
The internet isn't the place to practice the art of camouflage
DVisions will show you're a thoroughbred seahorse not a weed
The internet isn't the place to practice the art of camouflage
DVisions will help you stand out from the shoal
The internet isn't the place to practice the art of camouflage
DVisions will help you stand out on the reef
The internet isn't the place to practice the art of camouflage
DVisions will help you spread your wings
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DVisions will help you be one of the tigers
The internet isn't the place to practice the art of camouflage
DVisions will help you stand out from the shoal
Don't be the chameleon that blends in
Be the chameleon that stands out

Web design portfolio

Below is a small selection of the web sites we have designed and built recently.

Green Energy Sustainable Solutions (GESS)

Green Energy Sustainable SolutionsGreen Energy Sustainable Solutions ( GESS) finances, develops and operates commercial roof-mounted, car park frame-mounted and ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity systems in partnership with long term renewable energy sector investors. GESS sells the electricity generated by these systems to commercial energy users at significant discounts to the prices offered by the large electricity suppliers.

This is a new corporate site, with a clean design, fully responsive, based on the Joomla CMS. The same basic design was also applied as an upgrade to sister business website, Free Green Electricity Corporation.

The British Contender Association - v2016!

bca 2016The BCA is the UK class association of the International Contender Class, an international sailing dinghy class. This is the fifth generation site that we have created for the class. The first was a simple HTML site, back in 1999, the second a Mambo site based on a standard template. This was subsequently upgraded to Joomla 1.0 with an updated template design. Come 2010, and another migration up to Joomla 1.5, with yet another new design.

The 2016 version features a new, fully responsive, clean mobile friendly layout, with upgrades of all the main components: AdsClassified advert component, EventsList event manager, Image Gallery and and Banner Advert Manager.

All old content has been retained through successive upward migrations from Mambo right through to the current Joomla version (3.6 at the point of going live).

Local Home Conveyancing

Local Home ConveyancingAnother site for AZAB... AZAB are a price comparison and lead generation company, specialising in delivering leads to professionals in the home moving industry: surveyors, conveyancers and more.

Local Home Conveyancing is a new addition to their portfolio, and is based on the their successful surveyor quoting engine. The project included modifications to the price comparison engine to suit the conveyancing market, including an updated search algorithm together with changes to the customer control panel.

The front end is all Joomla and retains many of the corporate styling elements of its sister sites and 

Bournemouth Avionics

Bournemouth AvionicsBournemouth Avionics are specialists in avionics, engineering and aircraft maintenance, providing a range of independent avionics, engineering, maintenance and support services, for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft from their base at Lee On Solent airfield in Hampshire.

The site is built using Joomla with the Virtuemart e-commerce store, featuring graphic design from our Juicy Marketing partners. As with all our latest sites, the design is fully responsive for display on all devices.

The Moving Centre

The Moving CentreThe Moving Centre is a price comparison website in the home moving arena, designed and built for AZAB Ltd. The website has a front end built in the latest version of Joomla, and features various price comparison engines for home move services. These include the custom built core AZAB lead generation software also developed by us for their other sites, Local Building Surveyors and Local business Advisors.

The design shares the same updated corporate theme used for the Local Building Surveyors website.

Elite Live-In Care

Elite Live In CareThis site was designed and developed for one of our upstairs neighbours, Elite Live-In Care, a provider of live-in carers for the elderly and disabled.

The site features a custom design by our design partners Juicy, and is built in Wordpress with a custom theme.

Of note are the neat "sticky" top navigation bars with dropdown forms for contact, brochure, and callback requests that merge and remain in view when scrolling down the page.

The design is responsive and fully mobile friendly. 

Salon Print and Design

Salon Print and DesignSalon Print and Design provide a wide range of printing, promotional and marketing solutions to the hair and beauty salon market.

With a range extending from full design and print services to salon clothing customers can purchase anything they need to promote their business.

Based on Joomla and Virtuemart and utilising extensive use of custom fields for product personalisation and options, the site also features a responsive design for mobile devices. 

URGE Cycles

URGE CyclesURGE cycles specialises in mobile bicycle services that are flexible, convenient and underpinned by an approach to inspire, educate and support cyclists. 

URGE provide convenient mobile bicycle repairs and services at your home, workplace, school or community spaces. They provide repair and servicing facilities at sportive and charity bike rides and event support and community bicycle days.

The site is built using Joomla with a customised booking and registration system.

e-Law Training

e-Law Traininge-Law Training is a very simple e-commerce site aimed at students seeking help and private tuition and essay reviews.


Festive Collection

Festive CollectionAnother site for Qubic Print, the Festive Collection is an e-commerce site for the sale of custom printed Christmas cards and other festive products.

The site uses Joomla and VIrtuemart, and features extensive use of custom fields for product personalisation and overprinting, with some custom scripting to handle key account registration and offers and sample ordering functionality.

Donor Conceived Register

donor-conceivedDeveloped for the National Gamete Donation Trust by our partners Juicy Marketing, the Donor Conceived Register has been set up to enable people conceived through donated sperm or eggs, their donors and half-siblings to exchange information and, where desired, to contact each other.

The site is based on Joomla, and features a private social network, complete with communication tools, member profiles, and integrated private forums. 


motaprintThe successor to Motaforms, Motaprint is an e-commerce website that combines the Qubic Print owned Motaforms and Standard Forms businesses into a single site.

With a distinct family design created by Qubic's in-house design team, the new site is an update of the original Motaforms site, built on the Joomla 2.5 / Virtuemart 2 platform, featuring extensive use of VM2 custom fields.

The Unique Travel Company

Unique Travel CompanyUnique travel specialise in value-for-money luxury holidays and tours to Sri Lanka.

An established independent travel operator, a key aspect of the Unique service is their personal touch: as well as standard tours in small groups, they can put together a customised itinerary to ensure you see all the best things that Sri Lanka can offer.

Their web site design, created by our partners at Juicy Marketing, reflects that luxury feel and highly personal approach. 

Europe Direct Eastleigh

Europe Direct - EastleighThe Europe Direct Information Centres (EDICs) are an EU-wide network of EU information centres. The Eastleigh EDIC is hosted by European Law Monitor in Eastleigh.

The EDICs are intended to form one of the primary sources of information for the public and business community on EU policies and legislation, and form part of a European Union strategy intending to close the information gap between the EU and its public.

The new Eastleigh EDIC website is based on the Joomla CMS, as is the website of its host, European Law Monitor. 

Compound Savings Club

Compound Savings ClubThe Compound Savings Club is a new membership based organisation that helps the owners and associates of professional practices such as dentists, opticians, vets, doctors and solicitors make savings in the day-to-day expenses incurred in the running of their practices, and then compound those savings; turning relatively modest short term cost savings into really significant savings in the long term.

Not only did we carry out the website development, but our role as consultants was to help develop the business strategy, and create all the branding for the business.


A F Keating - Dentist

AF KeatingA good example of a simple, but stylish "professional" website. The colour scheme was deliberately chosen to reflect its medical context, and the overall design is intended to convey a professional, yet relaxed impression. 

Moores Prime

Moores PrimeMoores Independent are a firm of RICS Chartered Surveyors and property advisors. Moores is a local, family run practice specialising in prime real estate across London and Surrey from offices in Weybridge. This is the second site  we have built for Moores - the first site was for their Salisbury office which is more focused on the home survey market in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. 

OnefacilityOnefacility Refrigeration

This is a website for Onefacility's refrigeration and air conditioning servicing division.

Onefacility is a total facilities management company based in Stevenage, Herts, which is focused on personalised service by offering convenience with strong communicated and administered delivery.

Catalyst UKCatalyst UK

Catalyst is a business consultancy providing solutions to the problems of small business owners; helping them prepare their businesses for growth, helping them achieve “Investment Readiness” and finding the necessary finance; or providing the experience and support needed for a successful startup; or simply getting them out of the survival hole and helping them put in place the changes the business needs to help it grow into a profitable and growing enterprise.

Catalyst brings its clients over 400 years of combined entrepreneurial skills and experience, covering all business disciplines, and spanning many industry sectors.

Local Building Surveyors

Local Chartered SurveyorsLocal Building Surveyors is an internet startup providing a surveyor search and price comparison estimating service. Aimed at property buyers, it's one of those sites that does pretty much "what is says on the tin" - LBS allows potential house buyers find a chartered surveyor in their own area, and get instant quotes for RICS HomeBuyer, Building, and Valuation surveys.

Unlike some other property service comparison sites, it's restricted to RICS members or RICS regulated firms only to ensure the service quality delivered by users of the site.

Unlike the majority of our web sites, this is not based on the Joomla CMS, but is a completely custom built system. The front end of the site appears relatively simple, but behind the scenes is an advanced management system that allows surveyors to maintain their account information and profiles, choose the services they wish to offer through their various offices, and select the postcodes where they want to offer them.

The system also incoorporates a range of account webmaster admin reporting tools: comapny, invoicing and lead reporting are all included.

Class Ideas

Class IdeasClass Ideas is a full e-commerce website based on Joomla with the Virtuemart e-Commerce component.

A stablemate of Motaforms at the Whitehill Group, the bright, zestful, and visually appealing design was provided by the in-house design team at Whitehill and matches the company's new brochure.

There is a strong focus on usability throughout the design, and the site features custom fields to cater for the personalisation of  some products, and also features multiple browse and product page templates to simplify the ordering process as much as possible.

The site also has some subtle custom database field configuration to control aspects of the product information pages on a product-by-product basis.

Helpful Aids

Helpful AidsHelpful Aids is the first website of a series of new and upgraded websites for Fleet based FL Services, an e-tailer that is focused on the niche gift and leisure sector.

Helpful Aids is aimed mainly at the disability sector - those with mobility issues, the visually impaired, and other disablities, but also features ranges that are simply aimed at "making life easy".

The site is based on Joomla and Virtuemart, but has some additional modifications to be able handle VAT exempt transactions for qualifying disabled customers.


Maybush are business growth specialists working with owners of small to medium sized businesses, or entrepreneurs considering starting a business, helping them achieve their goals and aspirations.

Maybush are based in Newbury, and cover Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and London and provide a wide range of support for small business owners, ranging from business analysis and planning to coaching and mentoring.

The site is a straightforward Joomla CMS based site using a custom template.


This is our second website for Svaja. The first is a trade site with much of the functionality restricted to trade customers, but this site is aimed at the general public. Although a different design, it keeps many of the design features of the trade site, particularly through the product pages.

The site is built in Joomla with the VirtueMart e-Commerce component handling the transactional side of things. It has a number of add-on features: the Cat-filter component to handle the "Shop by price" functionality, Image Zoom and Slideshows from Magic Toolbox, and a featured products carousel.

The overall design has been kept clean and much of the focus of the site is on maintaining usability, and it has to be said that the sheer quality of the product itself helps lift the site out of the ordinary.


MotaformsMotaforms is a division of the Whitehill Publishing Group, and specialises in printed stationery and print supplies to the motor industry. They also supply a comprehensive range of customised over-printed promotional products and sales and forecourt products. The new website is a full e-commerce site to showcase their products and make it easier for existing and new customers to buy online.

The site is Joomla (naturally) with the VirtueMart e-Commerce component with some core adaptations. There is an ImageZoom function, and the site features a maxi-sized menu system.

We can't take any credit for the design of this one unfortunately  - the visual designs were all provided by Whitehill's in-house designer - but the implementation is all ours!

Free Green ElectricityFree Green Electricity

Free Green Electricity Corporation is a new company taking advantage of the latest government strategies in the development of electricity micro-generation installation.

The company provides for free installation and maintenance of PV (photovoltaic) solar panels for residential and commercial properties. The property owner gets the benefit of free solar energy for 25 years with no upfront or maintenance costs to worry about, with any surplus fed back into the National Grid.

The site is a custom design and is based on the Joomla CMS.


Whizzybooks provide an outsourced bookkeeping service to a range of clients across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.

A very simple affordable web site with no bells or whistles, based on the Joomla CMS for ease of updating and maintenance.

What else can we say? Apart from, if you are looking for help with your bookkeeping, record keeping, annual returns, VAT returns and the like, look no further!



Svaja are renowned as designers and creators of innovative and highly desirable hand crafted glassware and linen products. This new corporate website is intended to showcase the company's products to both public and the trade.

Svaja designs are distributed through a wide range of outlets: from independent art outlets to high street chains such as John Lewis. Many of their designs are also specified by interior designers for offices, hotels, and restaurant chains such as Prezzo. This meant that good imagery was a pre-requisite for the design to ensure that prospective purchasers to view and select the range not only by collection, but by colour. The site has a number of "non-standard" add-on features such as an active zoom facility to make it easier to view products.

As with nearly all our e-Commerce enabled sites, the site is based on Joomla, using the VirtueMart component. Even although the public cannot buy through the site, visitors can browse and view the range, including large format images. Trade customers when logged in have access to additional resources and can check availability and place orders online.

Sovereign Rotating MachinesSovereign Rotating Machines

Sovereign is one of the leading manufacturers of remanufactured vehicle starters and alternators in the UK supplying the automotive aftermarket. Their new corporate site is aimed at improving online support for their trade customers.

The site is built using Joomla, and features a full reference catalogue of their rotating product and ignition coils built using the VirtueMart eCommerce component, together with a repository of technical documents using the DocMan component. The site also features a custom built cross reference tool to match manufacturers' OE part numbers to the matching Sovereign reference.

Instead of using our own designers for this site, the visual designs for this site were prepared by the client's own choice of graphic designer, Panacea Marketing of Warwick, with the technical implementation carried out by us.

The British Contender Association

British Contender AssociationThe BCA is the UK class association of the International Contender Class, an international sailing dinghy class. This is a fourth generation site that we have created for the class. The first was a simple HTML site, the second a Mambo site based on a standard template. This was subsequently upgraded to Joomla 1.0 with an updated template design.

This latest site is a migration up to Joomla 1.5, with yet another new template design.

The site also features the AdsClassified advert component, EventsList event manager, Image Gallery and and Banner Advert Manager.

Moores Independent Ltd

RW SurveyorsMoores Independent Ltd is an RICS Regulated firm of independent Chartered Surveyors based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Covering Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, Moores provides a full range of property services, including home buyer surveys, valuations, property condition surveys, assistance with lease renewals, and property investment advice.

The website is based on the Joomla CMS with a custom template design. Additional services provided include email marketing and search engine optimisation.


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