Local Building Surveyors

Local Chartered SurveyorsLocal Building Surveyors is an internet startup providing a surveyor search and price comparison estimating service. Aimed at property buyers, it's one of those sites that does pretty much "what is says on the tin" - LBS allows potential house buyers find a chartered surveyor in their own area, and get instant quotes for RICS HomeBuyer, Building, and Valuation surveys.

Unlike some other property service comparison sites, it's restricted to RICS members or RICS regulated firms only to ensure the service quality delivered by users of the site.

Unlike the majority of our web sites, this is not based on the Joomla CMS, but is a completely custom built system. The front end of the site appears relatively simple, but behind the scenes is an advanced management system that allows surveyors to maintain their account information and profiles, choose the services they wish to offer through their various offices, and select the postcodes where they want to offer them.

The system also incoorporates a range of account webmaster admin reporting tools: comapny, invoicing and lead reporting are all included.