Search Engine Ranking Reports 

  • How well is your site doing in the search engines right now?
  • Do you want to keep an eye on how well it's holding its position month to month?
  • How is it doing against your competitors?
  • Are you targeting the right keywords and phrases?
  • How good is your optimisation?
  • Are there any technical issues holding you back?
  • Want some feedback on what you might need to do if the position changes?

We offer an SEO Watch report service to help you keep on top of how your site is performing and give you pointers on how to keep it performing:

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SEO Watch Report Service

If you are serious about your online marketing, tracking your performance in the search engines is a MUST. Our highly cost-effective SEO Watch service allows you to keep track of your performance in the major search engines.

Once you subscribe we will check the position of your website monthly* for up to 50 of your main key phrases. Detailed reports can be viewed online, including:

  • Detailed rankings per keyword including changes
  • Historical position trend graphs
  • Cached SERPS page data so you can check what search engine users are seeing
  • Tracking of competitor rankings
  • Detailed backlink reporting
  • Site health: technical errors, identifying broken links
  • Social marketing engagement
  • On-page SEO issues
  • Landing page optimisation tools
  • Detailed backlink analysis tools
  • A handy SEO checklist and the ability to create your own tasklist
  • Logging tools to help you mark 'events' and changes and their effects on your search engine results

Your website will also be checked for uptime every 4 hours and you will receive email alerts if the site does not respond in a timely fashion.

Added to this, we are available to provide detailed advice and support as and when needed, or indeed handle your entire SEO effort if you'd prefer!

* SEO Watch services start from as little as £23.33 per month! Additional fees apply for more frequent reporting intervals, or ad-hoc reports. SEO Watch is a reporting programme and does not include SEO consultancy. Additional advice and support is available on request at an hourly rate.

Full SEO Audit Report

Need a detailed audit of your site? We can carry out a full audit of your web site from an SEO perspective. You will receive a detailed technical and SEO report and current visibility report, including details of the actions you should take to improve search engine performance.

Costs for full audit reports vary from site to site, so please contact us for a quote.