Payment details form

Please use this form to send us your credit card details for charging your PPC account(s) or for charging for other services.

All data is sent securely (not by email), and will be deleted immediately after processing. This information is not stored by us in any form, electronic or physical (paper based). 

By completing this form you hereby grant permission for us to use the details provided to set up recurring payments with the relevant service providers.

All payments are made direct to the service provider in accordance with their terms and condition. Your card / bank account details will be stored by them in accordance with their terms and conditions.

E-Conscientia Ltd is not a party to any transaction made using the supplied payment details and is acting solely in an administrative capacity to facilitate the completion of account creation with the relevant service provider. In the event of any query or dispute over fees charged by the service provider, this must be taken up directly with the provider.   

Direct Debit payments for Google Adwords (optional)

If you wish for your Google Adwords account to be paid by Direct Debit direct from your bank account instead of credit/debit card, please add your bank details below