Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

Set up and management of optimised Pay per Click campaigns

Pay per click advertising, also commonly termed PPC, has become a key component in the competitive search engine marketing mix, and handled correctly can be a highly cost effective way of bringing targeted visitor traffic to your site.

As Official Google Search Advertising Partners we can prepare and manage your PPC campaigns to bring cost effective and targeted traffic to your website.

PPC Search advertising - an integral part of search engine marketing

Search engine marketing has two main elements - paid search advertising (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO). The obvious advantage of SEO is that it brings you 'free' traffic, whereas pay per click advertising has to be paid for, but search engine optimisation can only go so far in gaining top search engine positions. It usually isn’t realistic to optimise a site, particularly a smallish one, for more than a relatively small number of key search terms, particularly in competitive marketplaces. Furthermore, it takes time and very often professional expertise to deliver results.

And this is where pay per click advertising fits into the mix. Pay per click advertising allows you to obtain reliable search positions across a much wider range of search terms than can be attained using search engine optimisation methods. Your advertising reach can also be extended beyond the search engines to their media partners with text and display ads, remarketing to previous visitors to your website, and extending ads to audiences showing interest in similar sites to yours.

Another advantage is that as well as more control over where you can position your ads in the results, you also have better control of the selling message presented in the listing, creating your own ad headlines and text.

Our approach to PPC campaign management

We take a three stage approach to the management of Pay per Click advertising campaigns:

Stage 1: Campaign viability and design

The first stage is to test the viability and design your PPC campaign. This involves analysing all the appropriate search terms, building a costing and budgeting model based on the current bid prices for the desired search terms across the desired networks, and relating this to the desired return on investment.

Stage 2: Setup

Based on the planning work completed during the design stage, the campaign parameters i.e. monthly or campaign cost limitations, desired average cost per click, and etc, are established. Then the titles and descriptions are written and submitted to the networks.

Stage 3: Monthly management

We can then manage your PPC campaign as it progresses, focusing on optimal bidding across the networks, based on number of searches, bid prices, network reach, and competitor bidding. We also manipulate the descriptions and listings to maximise relevant clicks, and minimize untargeted clicks, reporting progress on a monthly basis.

We take a fee based approach to pay per click advertising management, as we believe commission based fee structures are a disincentive to achieve the most cost effective solution for our clients.

For a free no-obligation initial consultation on how you can use pay per click advertising to promote your business online, why not contact us now.