All our hosting accounts now using Siteground Site Tools

All our servers and hosting accounts have now been migrated from cPanel to Siteground's proprietary Site Tools system.

Site Tools offer pretty much all the same functionality as cPanel but with a cleaner interface.

With the switch the access point for your account management has changed, and access to your hosting control panel is from here:

Your existing account login should work - if you encounter any problems following this transition, please raise a support request in the normal way.

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New Website for The Ancient Art of Advocacy

The Ancient Art of AdvocacyWe are pleased to announce the launch of a new website - The Ancient Art of Advocacy.

The Ancient Art of Advocacy has been created to provide an informational resource for advocates, new, old or aspiring.

It is particularly aimed at aspiring barristers, particularly those transferring from other disciplines and branches of the legal profession, who have difficulty accessing a consolidated source of advocacy learning resources.

It contains a wealth of resources on rhetoric and advocacy skills, together with examples of rhetorical techniques and cases. It also contains a forum and other community features to encourage debate and collaboration on all matters advocacy.

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We are now Official Microsoft Ads Partners!

MSA Partner Badge 2021We are delighted to announce that we are now official Microsoft Advertising Partners, to complement our Google Partner status.

We have long been advocates of Micosoft advertising. Although Microsoft have a smaller market share and reach, in our experience they quite often provide a better return on investment simply because they are overlooked by many advertisers. Performance is as good, and often better than Google Ads, with lower average cost per click and generally less competition.

If Microsoft Advertising isn't yet part of your advertising mix, contact us for more information! 


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Update for One Facility Services Website

Websites need more than a wash and brush up from time to time, and the One Facility Services website was no exception.

Built originally back in 2012 and based on Joomla 2.5 it had fallen behind technically, as well as starting to show its age visually.

So the site was migrated up to the latest Joomla version and the template was upgraded to be both fully responsive and mobile friendly, with the fonts and colour pallette updated to bring it in line with the parent company's branding without the need for major changes in design or site restructuring.

A perfect example of how an older site can be refreshed with the latest technology at minimal cost.


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Google to pass Digital Service Tax back to customers

2% Google advertising increase in UK from 1st November

Back in September Google announced that it would be avoiding its UK's Digital Services Tax (DST) liability by passing the costs directly back to advertisers from November 2020.

So from 1st November all ads served in the UK will attract an additional 2% "DST Fee". This will be automatically added to all Google billings from that date.

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