What is the difference between our service and some of the alternatives offered by some hosting companies?

There are plenty of hosting companies who offer very low cost web site "starter" packages, for example Easily Site Builder, and 123 Reg, which may cost as little as only £70 per year. And even Google are now getting into the act.

But it is important to realise the limitations of these systems - although very simple to set up and manage, most suffer from a number of limitations:

• Very limited template selection
• Little or no upgrade path to allow the site to grow
• Only a very basic feature set
• Insufficient control of tags and strucure that prevent them being optimised for the search engines

The last of these is particularly important - for many of our clients, the inability to be able to optimise the site properly is the main reasion to upgrade to a more comprehensive system with more features and greater flexibility that can be fully optimised for the search engines.

The Joomla content Management system we use for our sites is very easy to use, with a very clear and simple back office where you can manage your content without any knowledge of HTML or coding and is as suitable for very small sites with only a few pages as it is capable of powering very large sites with hundreds of pages.